Claim ATECC608A Secure Elements

Claim ATECC608A Secure Elements

The Things Industries and Microchip developed a security solution for LoRaWAN that enables secure key provisioning and secure cryptographic operations using secure elements.

This guide helps device makers to claim secure elements on The Things Industries Join Server.

Learn more about this solution.


  1. ATECC608A-TNGLORA secure elements. Product details
  2. Device security (manifest) file. You can obtain this from your Microchip Direct order history
  3. Access to The Things Industries Cloud Hosted. Contact The Things Industries to get onboarded
  4. An application in The Things Industries Cloud Hosted. See instructions
  5. Your The Things Industries Join Server address. See Join Server addresses


Go to the Console of The Things Industries Join Server (prerequisite 5):


Import Manifest

  1. Go to the Applications and select the application from prerequisite #4
  2. Click Import Devices
  3. As Format, select Microchip ATECC608A-TNGLORA Manifest File
  4. Click Select a file and open your manifest file (prerequisite 2)
  5. If you want to make your device available for claiming by other users, check Set claim authentication code
    Import settings
  6. Click Create Devices
    Import progress

Your secure elements are now claimed in your application. The secure elements cannot be claimed by anyone else until you delete the devices.

Next Steps

Claiming the secure elements only creates devices on the Join Server: they are not registered on a Network Server or Application Server yet. You first need to register them on a Network Server and Application Server before you can activate the devices.

Learn how to activate devices on The Things Industries Cloud Hosted.