Configure Basic Station

This section contains instructions for connecting to The Things Enterprise Stack using LoRa Basics™ Station.

Go to the LoRa > Settings page > Forwarder tab.

LORIX One LoRa forwarder page

On the top right, click the Edit button to choose a forwarder.

LORIX One LoRa forwarder selection

In the list, select LoRa Basic Station and press apply.

LORIX One LoRa forwarder Basic Station selection

On the new page, scroll down to the LoRaWAN Network Server section and enable it.

LORIX One LoRa forwarder Basic Station LNS

Follow the instructions for Connecting LNS.

If using CUPS, following the instructions for Connecting CUPS.

LORIX One LoRa forwarder Basic Station LNS

Press the save button. In the Control pane above, press start and check the logs in the dedicated pane.

LORIX One LoRa forwarder Basic Station start

You should see a bunch of messages, one of which indicates success :

[TCE:INFO] Infos: fcc2:3dff:feab:cdef muxs-::0 wss://

If the connection fails, you will get this kind of message:

[AIO:ERRO] [-1] WS connect failed: NET - Failed to get an IP address for the given hostname
[TCE:ERRO] TC connect failed - URI: wss://

Please check the configuration and the LoRa Network Server status. After a configuration change, always restart the Basic Station with the Restart button to make it effective.

Note: if the Basic Station crashes for any reason, it will be automatically restarted if the Auto-start option is enabled.