This section contains help for common issues you may encounter while installing The Things Enterprise Stack .

Component address is not included in this license

Ensure that you configure the is.oauth.ui.canonical-url with a domain that matches the domain in your license. See the Configuration Reference for more information about the configuration options.

Version in “docker-compose.yml” is unsupported

Our docker-compose.yml file uses Compose file version 3.7. If using a package manager to install Docker Compose, it is possible to install an old, unsupported version. See Docker’s installation instructions to upgrade to a more recent version.

Token Exchange Refused

This is likely an Oauth issue. Double check that you used the correct client-secret when you authorized the client in Running the Stack.

Can’t access the server

Ensure you have a DNS record pointing to your server’s public IP address. See your domain registrar’s help section for instructions, or’s DNS guide for general information about pointing records to your IP address.