Rights Management

This section contains instructions for managing rights.

Managing Rights using the Console

Managing Collaborators

Gateways, End Devices, and Applications have a Collaborators tab which allows you to specify rights for users or organizations on that entity. To manage collaborators, click the Collaborators tab in the left hand menu.

Click the Add collaborator button to add a collaborator.

Select the rights you wish the collaborator to have, and click Add collaborator to save your selection.

Note: Rights apply to entities which a user or organization is a member (collaborator) of. To grant rights to an entity, add the user or organization as a collaborator of the entity.

Managing Rights using the CLI

Adding Collaborators

To add collaborators for Gateways, End Devices, or Applications, use the collaborators add command. For example, to add a collaborator user1 to the application app1 with rights to read and write device info and delete applications, use the command

$ ttn-lw-cli applications collaborators set --application-id app1 \
  --user-id user1 \
  --right-application-delete \
  --right-application-devices-read \

TIP: To see the list of possible rights for an entity, use the --help flag, e.g $ ttn-lw-cli applications collaborators set --help.

Listing Collaborators

To see which rights a user has on an entity, use the collaborators list command. For example, to see collaborators for the gateway gateway1, use the command:

$ ttn-lw-cli gateways collaborators list --gateway-id gateway1