The Things Enterprise Stack integrates directly with AWS IoT via a default integration that you deploy in your AWS account via CloudFormation.

You can also configure The Things Enterprise Stack to connect to your AWS IoT Core endpoint via AWS access keys and role-based access control using custom configuration.

Finally, when running The Things Enterprise Stack in your AWS account, you can publish Application Server telemetry to your IoT Core endpoint.

Default Integration

The recommended way to integrate with AWS IoT is by using the Default Integration for The Things Enterprise Stack . This integration is the most feature rich and supports all deployments of The Things Enterprise Stack . The Default Integration comes with a AWS CloudFormation template to deploy in your AWS account.

Learn how to set up the default AWS IoT integration

Custom IoT Core Settings

Apart from the default integration which comes with a AWS CloudFormation template, you can also just let The Things Enterprise Stack publish uplink messages and subscribe to downlink messages to AWS IoT Core. You can configure any AWS IoT Core endpoint, AWS access key, provide role-based access control (RBAC), configure the AWS IoT Core MQTT topic structure and which messages to publish.

Application Server Telemetry

This is a simple integration that only supports publishing uplink messages and requires The Things Enterprise Stack to run in your AWS account. This is typically only used for AWS Marketplace AMI deployments.

Learn how to use Application Server Telemetry