Application Server Telemetry

The Things Enterprise Stack supports publishing of uplink messages directly to the AWS IoT suite.

AWS IoT suite can be used to subscribe to detailed uplink messages as well as get insights into aggregated metrics of your uplink data.

NOTE: This only works if The Things Enterprise Stack runs in your AWS account, i.e. in a Self Hosted or Marketplace Launcher deployment. When using the AWS Marketplace AMI listing, the AWS IoT Telemetry option in the CloudFormation template must be set to true during the deployment phase.


  1. Login to the AWS Console in the same region as where the CloudFormation template is deployed.
  2. Search for IoT Core service and click to enter the IoT Core window.
  3. On the left-hand panel, select the Test option. In the central panel, choose Subscribe to a topic.
  4. In the Subscription topic field enter lorawan/<cloud-formation-stack-name>/<application-id>/things/<device-id>/up to subscribe to the uplinks for a particular device. For example, if your CloudFormation stack name is my-lorawan-server, the application ID is my-motion-sensors and the device ID is my-motion-sensor-1, then the topic would be lorawan/my-lorawan-server/my-motion-sensors/things/my-motion-sensor-1/up. When the device sends an uplink message, it will be displayed in this window in the preferred format. The following is an example payload in JSON format:
  "format": "json",
  "payload": {
    "end_device_ids": {
      "device_id": "my-motion-sensor-1",
      "application_ids": {
        "application_id": "my-motion-sensors"
      "dev_eui": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "join_eui": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "dev_addr": "009C0D6F"
    "correlation_ids": [
    "received_at": "2020-01-15T16:02:10.668892406Z",
    "uplink_message": {
      "session_key_id": "AW+poh7YEnPnhTgVoA5a2A==",
      "f_port": 102,
      "f_cnt": 13,
      "frm_payload": "AdsmAADiAAA=",
      "decoded_payload": {
        "bat_percentage": 86.66666666666667,
        "count": 226,
        "events": "motion",
        "status": 1,
        "temp": 6,
        "time": 0,
        "voltage": 3.6
      "rx_metadata": [
          "gateway_ids": {
            "gateway_id": "tektelic-1",
            "eui": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
          "timestamp": 1453994219,
          "rssi": -3,
          "channel_rssi": -3,
          "snr": 9.5,
          "uplink_token": "CiMKIQoVdGVrdGVsaWMtZGVzay1nYXRld2F5Eghkf9r//gBccRDr4ai1BQ==",
          "channel_index": 1
      "settings": {
        "data_rate": {
          "lora": {
            "bandwidth": 125000,
            "spreading_factor": 7
        "data_rate_index": 5,
        "coding_rate": "4/5",
        "frequency": "867300000",
        "timestamp": 1453994219
      "received_at": "2020-01-15T16:02:10.448769590Z"
  "qos": 0,
  "timestamp": 1579104130996,
  "topic": "lorawan/my-lorawan-server/my-motion-sensors/things/my-motion-sensor-1/up"


On the left-hand panel, click on the Monitor option for aggregated metrics on uplink data. The Sample period and Time range can be adjusted using the drop down links on the top right-hand corner. The following is a sample of the Messages and Messages published windows for an hour sampled every 5 minutes.

AWS IoT monitor