Deployment Guide

Learn how to deploy the AWS IoT integration for The Things Enterprise Stack .


  1. Access to an AWS account. Create a new account
  2. An application in The Things Enterprise Stack . See instructions

Create API Key

Go to your application in The Things Enterprise Stack Console, go to API keys and click + Add API key.

Enter a name, like AWS IoT integration, and grant at least the following individual rights:

  • View devices in application
  • View device keys in application
  • Create devices in application
  • Edit device keys in application
  • Edit basic application settings
  • Write downlink application traffic
  • Read application traffic (uplink and downlink)
Create API key

Click Create API key, copy the key and store it in a safe place. You need the API key in the next section.

Deploy AWS CloudFormation Template

If you want to examine the AWS CloudFormation template before deploying, download the Cloud Hosted template or Self Hosted template.


The Stack name is the unique name identifying the integration in your AWS account.

The parameters configure the integration:

  • Principal Account ID (only in Self Hosted): AWS Account ID that The Things Stack authenticates with.
  • Thing Type Name: The unique AWS IoT Core thing type name for this integration.
  • Thing Shadow Metrics: Enable or disable updating the thing shadow with metrics.
  • Cluster Address: The cluster address of your The Things Enterprise Stack deployment. See Cloud Hosted Addresses.
  • Application ID: The application ID for which you configure the integration.
  • Application API Key: The application API key that you generated before.

If you use The Things Network Stack V2 integration for AWS IoT, you must change the Thing Type Name to something other than lorawan to avoid conflicts.

Create AWS CloudFormation Stack

Check I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources.

Click Create stack.

Creating all resources can take up to five minutes ☕

When the deployment is done, you’ll see the status CREATE_COMPLETE.

Congratulations 🎉 You have now setup the AWS IoT integration for The Things Enterprise Stack !