The AWS IoT Integration for The Things Enterprise Stack puts logs to AWS CloudWatch where you can find detailed traces and errors.

In the AWS Console, open Services and go to CloudWatch.

In the menu on the left, under Logs, go to Log Groups.

Log Groups

Not seeing all log groups? The log groups are created automatically as log entries are written to an underlying log streams.

First place to look for issues with thing creation or claiming is the /thethings/lorawan/<stack-name>/things log group. Each thing has its own log stream in this log group. For example, if you created or claimed a thing but it doesn’t show up in The Things Enterprise Stack , you can find the cause in the thing’s log stream.

For further details, you can look at the log entries of the Lambda functions:

  • /aws/lambda/<stack-name>-ClaimThingFunction...: thing claiming
  • /aws/lambda/<stack-name>-CreateThingFunction...: thing creation
  • /aws/lambda/<stack-name>-HandleDownlinkFunction...: downlink handling
  • /aws/lambda/<stack-name>-HandleUplinkFunction...: uplink handling