You can uninstall the AWS IoT integration for The Things Enterprise Stack using AWS CloudFormation.

Delete AWS CloudFormation Stack

In the AWS Console, open Services and go to CloudFormation.

In the list of stacks, go to the stack that you created when deploying the integration. See Deployment Guide.

Uninstall Stack

In the top-right, click Delete.

Double check that you are deleting the right AWS CloudFormation stack. Proceed with Delete stack.

Deleting all resources may take a few minutes.

When the stack is deleted, the AWS CloudFormation stack disappears from the list.

Disable AWS IoT Integration

In your application in The Things Enterprise Stack Console, select the Pub/Subs submenu from the Integrations side menu.

Open your AWS IoT integration. Click Delete Pub/Sub.

Delete Pub/Sub

Double check that you are deleting the right Pub/Sub. Proceed with Delete Pub/Sub.