Cloud Integrations

Here you can find detailed guides for creating integrations with popular IoT platforms using HTTP Webhooks.

Akenza Core

Akenza Core is an IoT system designed to help bind any type of device and technology into a real-time connected solution.


Datacake is a multi-purpose IoT platform, which provides the possibility of building custom IoT applications, without requiring programming skills.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform, created by Microsoft, for building and managing aplications and services, while supporting many different programming languages, frameworks and tools.


TagoIO combines advanced device management, services, data storage, visualization and analytics to a cloud-based IoT platform, with a wide range of functionalities and easy implementation.


Ubidots provides a secure and easy way to build IoT solutions for students, makers and researchers. It is used for sending data from any Internet-enabled device to the cloud, triggering actions and alerts based on that data, and visualizing it.