Configuration and Update Server Protocol

LoRa™ Basics Station regularly connects to a Configuration and Update Server to check for configuration and software updates. This page contains information about managing your gateway using The Things Enterprise Stack Configuration and Update Server (CUPS) Protocol.


  1. User account on The Things Enterprise Stack with rights to create gateways.

Create a Gateway

Follow instructions for Adding Gateways in the Console or Adding Gateways Using the Command-line interface.

Create an API Key

CUPS requires an API Key with the following rights:

  • View gateway information
  • Edit basic gateway settings

If you have not already created one, follow instructions for Creating a Gateway API Key in the Console or Creating a Gateway API Key Using the Command-line interface.

Configure Gateway

In your gateway configuration, set the following fields:

CUPS URI: https://<server-address>:443

CUPS Key: <gateway-api-key>

CUPS Trust: Use the CA certificate of your trust provider