LoRaWAN Network Server Protocol

This page contains information about connecting your gateway to The Things Enterprise Stack using the LoRaWAN® Network Server (LNS) protocol.


  1. User account on The Things Enterprise Stack with rights to create gateways.

Create a Gateway

Follow instructions for Adding Gateways in the Console or Adding Gateways Using the Command-line interface.

Create an API Key (Optional)

LNS does not require an API Key. If you wish to use Token Authentication, create an API Key with the following rights:

  • Link as Gateway to a Gateway Server for traffic exchange, i.e. write uplink and read downlink

If you have not already created one, follow instructions for Creating a Gateway API Key in the Console or Creating a Gateway API Key Using the Command-line interface.

Configure Gateway

In your gateway configuration, set the following fields:

TC URI: wss://<server-address>:8887

TC Key: <optional-gateway-api-key>

TC Trust: Use the CA certificate of your trust provider