This section describes how to setup a Node-RED server and prepare to connect it to The Things Enterprise Stack .


  1. Install Node-RED

Note: Node-RED v1.0.6 is current at time of writing and is used in this guide.


Run Node-RED and navigate to http://localhost:1880 (or the public address of your Node-RED instance). In your web browser, you should see something like:

Node-RED dashboard

On the left side, you can see various types of nodes that can be used in order to build flows. All nodes can be found in the Node-RED library.

The Things Enterprise Stack Console provides the connection information needed for completing this integration.

In the Console, click Applications and choose the application you want to connect to Node-RED. Click Integrations in the left hand panel of the Console, and the MQTT submenu to view the MQTT Server info:

MQTT Server connection information

In this example, the built-in MQTT Server is configured by default on port 1883 for insecure connections and on port 8883 for TLS-secured connections.

In a later step, we will use this information to connect Node-RED to The Things Enterprise Stack .