Message Types

The Application Server can be configured to publish messages for any of the following events:

  • Downlink ack
  • Downlink failed
  • Downlink nack
  • Downlink queued
  • Downlink sent
  • Join accept
  • Location solved
  • Service data
  • Uplink message

The Application Server can be configured to subscribe to messages to schedule the following events:

  • Downlink queue push
  • Downlink queue replace

Enabling event messaging also allows you to manually configure a Sub topic for that event. If no Sub topic is specified, events will be published to the configured Base topic.

Separate Sub topics should be specified for Downlink queue push and Downlink queue replace in order to use both. Using the Base topic for both simultaneously will cause messages to randomly be scheduled as either Downlink queue push or Downlink queue replace.


Message Format

JSON messages sent or received by the Application Server are defined in Data Formats.