Multi tenant environment only

The instructions below require a license with multi-tenancy support.

Creating a Customer

In order to create a customer, first login into the Stripe dashboard and click on the Customers menu on the right. The customers list will now open.

Customer list

You can now click on the + New button in order to add a new customer.

Customer creation

After specifying the name, email and billing information, you can click on Add customer to finalize the creation.

Created customer

Subscribing a Customer to a Pricing Plan

In order to create a subscription, click on the customer in order to open the customer information page.

Customer information

Scroll down and click on + Create subscription in order to open the subscription creation screen.

Subscription creation

You can now click on Add product in order to select the product and the pricing plan.

Subscription plan selection

You can now click on Start subscription in order to create the subscription.

Created subscription

You should now specify the tenant ID that the customer will use. In order to achieve this, click on the subscription. The subscription information page will now open.

Subscription information

Click on the Edit button in the Metadata section. The following fields are supported:

Field name Description
tenant-id The ID name of the tenant. Required.
admin-user The username of the initial administrator. Optional, defaults to the tenant-id if not provided.
admin-password The password of the initial administrator. Optional, defaults to a randomly generated password if not provided.
Subscription metadata

You can now click Save in order to save the changes. The tenant will now be created.

Updated subscription