Create Gateway

Learn how to register a gateway using the Console.

Step by step

Go to Gateways in the top menu, and click + Add Gateway to reach the gateway registration page. Fill the gateway ID, gateway EUI (if your gateway has an EUI) and frequency plan. The other fields are optional. Click Create Gateway to create the gateway.

Gateway creation

Your gateway will be created and you will be redirected to the gateway overview page of your newly created gateway.

Gateway overview

You can now connect your gateway to The Things Enterprise Stack .

Create Gateway API Key

Some gateways require an API Key with Link Gateway Rights to be able to connect to The Things Enterprise Stack .

In order to do this, navigate the API Keys menu of your gateway and select Add API Key. Enter a name for your key, select the Link as Gateway to a Gateway Server for traffic exchange, i.e. write uplink and read downlink right and then press Create API Key.

Gateway API Key creation

You will see a screen that shows your newly created API Key. You now can copy it in your clipboard by pressing the clipboard button. After saving the key in a safe place, press I have copied the key. You will not be able to see this key again in the future, and if you lose it, you can create a new one to replace it in the gateway configuration.

Gateway API Key created